**Wheelchair access & chairs available.

Classes focus on enjoyment, deep relaxation & de-stressing
whilst improving your fitness, flexibility and mental health.

"Bring A Friend, Family Member, Partner"

**An alternative meet up for the price of a coffee & cake**

We are passionate about bringing yoga to you


Yoga Ireland offers classes for all. Our mission is to make Yoga accessible to everyone. No matter your age, fitness level, challenges - physically, mentally or emotionally.
We offer HEN'S parties for your group, lots of fun together will be had in these groups.
In general classes provides an emphasis on Mindfulness, enjoyment and fun classes whilst experiencing, benefitting and learning the powerful and ancient practice of Yoga

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Corporate Yoga

We guarantee that you and your employees will leave each class feeling refreshed and restored. In addition to being better able to deal with the pressures of the workplace. This is an excellent way to team build and bring everyone together with a common goal feeling valued within the company.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a private one to one session with a qualified Yoga Therapist. Yoga as a therapy can be used to address specific physical or emotional limitations.

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Private Classes

This is a wonderful way of starting Yoga or progressing an existing practice. It is ideal for addressing specific physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. You are the focus. You will also receive invaluable feedback and tailor-made guidance and practice as part of you session. In person or virtually. Catriona is a qualified Yoga Therapist having completed 2 years further study with two medical doctors and Marie Quail in Northern Ireland, YTTC. She has been practicing for 17 years now and has a wealth of knowledge to assist you.

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Reiki is the ancient art of healing. Catriona is a natural, clairsentient and empathic healer through her mother's lineage. This makes the healing more powerful. We can work on physical, mental, emotion, spiritual and on an angelic healing to assist you in every aspect of you and your life. Catriona is a qualified Reiki Master, practicing for 15 years. You can be feel secure that you are in very skilled and safe hands. Catriona is also a natural empath and listener so you will feel very comfort in a session. It is all totally confidential.

What some people have said about us...


They combine enjoyable flow and movement with meditation and relaxation, and she always offers gentle guidance to each student while creating a warm and supportive class atmosphere. I have always left her yoga sessions with a spring in my step and a sense of well being.

Dr. Chrsitine Morris
Trinity College, DUBLIN

I am very happy with the professional and interesting way that Catriona carries out the lessons. I leave the yoga classes feeling relaxed and positive. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone!

Edyta Muzsalka

I've been attending Catriona's classes for a long time now and can honestly say that she is truly passionate about what she does. Her extensive knowledge of yoga and anatomy means that everyone can attend her classes, she has alternatives for everybody. Great fun, attentive, relaxing, mindful, you'll learn a lot about self-care!

Celine Kavanagh

Catriona is an Excellent teacher and creates an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Her classes provide a Wonderful workout for the body that can be done at any age the stretching has completely removed my sciatica pain so much so that I've forgotten what it felt like. I look forward to this class all week.

Anna Murphy

Attended classes in Dublin Holistic Centre with Caitriona. She is a superb yoga teacher who notices everything as she walks around. She was constantly (in a nice way) correcting my posture and picking up on things that I was unaware I had been doing. Not only did she succeed in stretching out and strengthening my back which was what I was hoping for, but I was also walking about 2 inches taller after a few classes.

Mike Doyle

Catriona's yoga classes are brilliant. They combine enjoyable flow and movement with meditation and relaxation, and she always offers gentle guidance to each student while creating a warm and supportive class atmosphere. I have always left her yoga sessions with a spring in my step and a sense of well being.

Dr. Christine Morris

Catriona is a fabulous teacher, she has lots of patience and makes classes enjoyable for our entire (very mixed level!) corporate group- it's a real highlight of our work week and has certainly bonded us as a group.

Leah Gunn
Marketing Executive

As a newcomer to yoga classes, I was worried that I would struggle to pick it up. Catriona is the perfect teacher with endless patience and understanding. She creates a stress-free ambiance with a mixture of yoga and relaxation. Her classes are an escape from the pressures of our fast-moving world.

Martin Murphy
Stadium Director

Went to my 1st class today with fear & trepidation but had a ball. Loved the mindfulness aspect, just what the doctor ordered. Every movement was tailored to each person's ability level and felt a huge sense of achievement at the end. I have no hesitation in recommending Catriona and her mindfulness Yoga. Def going back 💕👌

Sonja Croke

Catriona is a fantastic teacher, pleasant, patient, guides you through your practice offering modifications, tips, and advice. You never regret a class with Catriona, will always leave smiling inside and out, highly recommend 😊🙏 namaste

Donna Forde
Yoga Teacher

Absolutely love Catriona's classes, great instruction in a very welcoming and friendly environment. I'm not the most flexible but I always leave practice feeling happier, calmer and looser!

Gillian Morris

Catriona is one of my favorite yoga teachers. Her classes are very well structured and suitable for all levels. She’s very experienced and ensures you only go as far in your postures as your body allows. Her lovely personality and the atmosphere she creates throughout her classes are amazing. No matter how stressful my day was, I always feel great after a yoga session with her. Thanks, Catriona, so glad we met😊

Julia Gast
Graphic Designer

I used to attend Catriona’s classes in Dublin and would have no hesitation in recommending her. She is very conscientious of everyone’s different needs and ensures everyone has the correct form and no pressure from her to go beyond your limits. I am not flexible and yet have gained so much from her classes, which even now stand to me

Orna O'Beirne

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