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Catriona McCormack

Catriona Mc Cormack has been practicing yoga for over 26 years and qualified as a yoga teacher in 1996. She founded the company Yoga Ireland in 1997, opening one of the first yoga studios in Merrion square, Dublin, a great success. Continuing her education in yoga, Catriona qualified as a Yoga Therapist in 2003, working with people on a one to one basis with specific needs. Catriona fundamentally encourages people to thrive in life, by nurturing their mind and body with Yoga. Her aspirations for her clients is that each person steps away from a session feeling refreshed nourished and balanced.

In addition, to teaching Yoga, Catriona is a qualified Reiki master.

If asked about the strongest message she would like to impart to her students, she would passionately emphasize the importance of integrating yoga within their everyday lives. “A busy schedule becomes more manageable with the grounding effects of a regular yoga practice”.

Catriona maintains a light hearted environment in class while her students benefit from a strong practice. One that includes a focus on the Mindfulness aspect of yoga in addition to a spirit of playfulness, helping to relieve stress.

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